Doubtful mask business: Fynn Kliemann: “I didn’t cheat”

Dubious mask shops
Fynn Kliemann: “I didn’t cheat”

Jan Böhmermann accuses the musician Fynn Kliemann of doing crooked business with corona masks. After a statement on the net, the 34-year-old also takes a position in an interview. A large business partner is already taking action.

The satirist Jan Böhmermann accuses the influencer and musician Fynn Kliemann of being involved in dubious business with protective masks. Now Kliemann has commented on the allegations in an interview. He told the magazine “Spiegel”: “I didn’t cheat, this is at most about misrepresentations on websites. I might have been abused there, whatever you want to call it.” He also repeatedly admitted to having communicated inappropriately with friends and acquaintances. However, Kliemann denied having sold masks from Bangladesh or “deliberately delivering broken masks to refugee camps”. Overall he was overwhelmed.

Böhmermann had published a longer article about Kliemann on the show “ZDF Magazin Royale” on Friday. In it he accuses him of having produced corona masks that were allegedly fairly produced in Europe at dumping wages in Asia and of having donated damaged masks to refugees. In addition, Kliemann is said to have received donations with his holiday apartment rental service, the use of which was extremely vaguely formulated.

Even before the “Spiegel” interview, Kliemann had published a long statement in which he critically reflected on his actions. It says: “I would like to formally apologize to all people, organizations and institutions who are now disappointed and shocked “at first sight”. At the same time, he asked for a differentiated view. Some things are wrong. Specifically, it was about the production site of protective masks, which may not have been made transparent on purpose.

“I have to admit to myself that I could no longer oversee the process.” It goes on to say: “This must never happen and therefore I take responsibility, even if I was neither a producer nor a seller.” Through these omissions, not having dealt with these processes in detail, he has disappointed many.

About You takes masks from the online shop

Böhmermann’s advance already led to the first consequences. The online retailer About You, which belongs to the Otto Group, said: “The ZDF Magazin Royale Video has reached us and we are aware of it. We are currently examining the case internally to get an accurate picture of the facts.” In a first step, masks from the “Oderso” brand were taken offline. According to the imprint of the shop, Kliemann is the managing director. The German Sustainability Award Foundation also announced that it was revoking an award that Kliemann had received in 2020.

The textile manufacturer in question that Böhmermann put in touch with Kliemann is Global Tactics. Company founder Tom Illbruck said about the mask production site allegation: Masks were also produced in Bangladesh in the relevant period of 2020, not only in Europe. If, for example, a major customer did not attach importance to the masks explicitly coming from a certain country or explicitly from Europe, “we offered masks without explicitly saying where the masks came from”.

Asked about About You, Illbruck said: “According to the documents we have, there are no agreements with About You that the masks came explicitly from Portugal and that was not assured in writing at any point.”