Dounia Coesens: her advice given to Michel Cymès in La doc et le véto

Dounia Coesens is one of the iconic faces of the series More beautiful life. Since 2021, the actress has officiated alongside Michel Cymes in the series The doc and the vet. The opportunity for her to provide some advice to her sidekick, a beginner in comedy.

The general public has known her since 2004. At the time, Dounia Coesens appeared for the very first time on screen in the role of Johanna Marci, in the series More beautiful life. After ten years in the series broadcast on France 3, she decides to leave the Mistral to try other projects. She was able to play in TV movies like The time of love, The disappearance of Pyla, or Murders in La Rochelle. She did the same on the serial side. Viewers were able to admire him in Camping paradise, Nina or Commissioner Magellan. More recently, she shone in the series The doc and the vet. A program which she shares with Michel Cymes. A series that the actress hopes to see fit over time. But for now, Dounia Coesens “do not know” whether it will remain with the lineup. Waiting, Dounia Coesens and Michel Cymes give it their all to offer a series of the most attractive.

Dounia Coesens advises Michel Cymes

As the doctor plays his very first on-screen role, he counts on the young actress to help him give the best of himself. “I wouldn’t dare to give him unsolicited advice, but Michel is the applicant“, humbly announced the artist in the columns of We both. The newly-turned-actor doctor does not hesitate to ask the woman who has almost 20 years of experience for her opinion: I guide him sometimes on certain things, as he guides me on the medical aspect. It would have been a disaster if he hadn’t been there.”assures the one who asked him in particular to show him the medical procedures to be carried out, so that the scenes are convincing.

In addition to the involvement with which Michel Cymes plays in the series, the agreement between the two actors was a real boost: I love Michel Cymes also, humanly, it’s going well and I find it very good.” What to please the doctor accustomed to the cameras.