dr Gladly on the run: GZSZ lets it rip for the 30th anniversary

dr Better to flee
GZSZ lets it rip for the 30th anniversary

30 years ago, the first episode of “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” flickered across the screen. Since then, the soap has been a constant companion for many fans through everyday life and a rock in the surf. For the round anniversary, RTL naturally came up with something very special.

The fans of “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” (GZSZ) have been looking forward to tonight for weeks. Because at 7.40 p.m. RTL (also on RTL+) the elaborately produced episode for the 30th anniversary of the most successful daily soap of all time. The good one and a half minute Feature-length episode trailer promises plenty of drama, action and emotion. A round birthday just wants to be celebrated properly.

GZSZ was launched on May 11, 1992. And it was Clemens Richter, played by Frank-Thomas Mende, who started the colorful dance with the sentence “What is it?” opened. Since then, UFA Serial Drama and RTL have delivered 7,508 episodes with around 3,200 hours of playing time for the fan community, which has long since grown to millions.


Felix von Jascheroff (l.) Susan Sideropoulos and Daniel Fehlow.

(Photo: RTL / Florian Reick)

This success was celebrated with an event on Tuesday night, for which the outdoor set was transformed into a “Gute Zeiten” carnival complete with fairground stalls and street food. In addition to the current GZSZ cast such as Ulrike Frank, Wolfgang Bahro, Gisa Zach, Valentina Pahde, Eva Mona Rodekirchen, Olivia Marei and Anne Menden, the guests also included audience favorites from previous years such as Daniel Fehlow and Susan Sideropoulos.

“Two or three months” turned into 30 years

Tonight, of course, everything is back to normal in the famous Kolle-Kiez, albeit a lot more exciting than usual. The focus of events is Jo Gerner, who has been an integral part of GZSZ since spring 1993. Something that his actor, Wolfang Bahro, didn’t expect when he started shooting in November 1992. “I thought, well, two or three months, then that would be it. Now it’s almost 30 years,” he recalls in an interview. And he also remembers how badly the series was panned by the press at first. “Most of them were young people, good-looking models who didn’t come out of drama school. Even the decorations were improvised, I’d like to say.” Bahro explains that the whole thing was so well received by the audience by the fact that they questioned themselves again and again and were ready to take up innovations. “If you compare the consequences of that time with today, then there are worlds in between.”


Wolfgang Bahro is Dr. Yeah Gerner.

(Photo: RTL / Florian Reick)

And so today’s viewers can expect an episode that is anything but dusty, but rather an action-packed one. And that’s what it’s all about: After Linostrami has framed Jo Gerner for the murder of his daughter, he is on the run and is desperately looking for proof of his innocence. But all the evidence speaks against him. Even his wife Yvonne (Gisa Zach) has her doubts. Only Katrin (Ulrike Frank) seems to be behind him: “If Jo stands in front of me and says that it wasn’t him – I would believe him!” She says in the trailer.

The two eventually team up to fake Gerner’s death. While his family carries him to his grave in tears, unaware that he just went into hiding, Gerner seeks refuge with Leon (Daniel Fehlow) on the Baltic Sea, seriously injured. Linostrami meanwhile threatens Laura and Yvonne. The two eventually find that Gerner was innocent all along and set out to bring down Linostrami. However, Gerner made the same decision. A dramatic chase ensues – complete with loaded weapons and explosions.

Following the episode, which starts as usual at 7.40 p.m. on RTL, the best of “30 years of GZSZ – the big anniversary” will be broadcast at 9.30 p.m. The GZSZ actors look back on the most exciting, romantic, tragic and funniest moments from three decades. Ulrike Frank, Wolfgang Bahro, Eva Mona Rodekirchen, Jan Kittmann, Gisa Zach, Lennart Borchert, Marc Weinmann, Valentina Pahde, Chryssanthi Kavazi, Iris Mareike Steen, Olivia Marei, Patrick Heinrich as well as Thomas Drechsel and Lars Pape will be there.