Dragon Ball fan spends thousands of dollars to look like his favorite character

since childhood Julian Louw He was a skinny and somewhat withdrawn boy, the perfect target for the most ‘bullies’ at school, suffered from bullying. His escape since then was an animated saga that is still in force today and has millions of fans all over the world: Dragon Ball Z.

This is how his love for Japanese drawings grew and he made the decision to look exactly like one of his Favorite characters.

It took three years of hard training and an expense of 15 thousand dollars to be the human version of trunks, one of the warriors of Japanese fiction. Julian spends $5,000 a year to resemble Trunks, a character in the series.

“Dragon Ball Z is one of the most intense and deep cartoons i saw in my life. When people see me dressed as Trunks they are very surprised. I absolutely love that,” he told The Sun.

His striking resemblance to the character opened space for many invitations such as: movie premieres with the theme or events style comic-on.

His greatest dream is to be able to embody and represent his character one day. in a Live Action film of the mythical saga.

“I would like to be, it would be amazing to be able to play Trunks because i know all about him. His voice, facial expressions, ways of fighting and even how he fights with a sword,” he explained.