Drake ADDICTED to sports betting: here are his outsized wins and losses

Drake is one of the most sought after bettors by casino marketing departments. I saw him bet $200,000 a spin on roulette“, told the Post the professional sports bettor Bill krackomberger. The rapper who loves sports betting just won a million dollars after betting thatIsrael Adesanya would win his fight cfu Saturday night.

Last May, Drake dropped more than $250,000 on the Spanish Grand Prix, betting that Charles Leclerc was going to take it all. But the Monaco Formula 1 driver lost power on lap 27 – and Drake lost his dollars.

The 35-year-old had better luck at the Super bowlbetting $393,000 on the victory of the rams. Then he lost $314,000 when the Nets lost to the Celtics. But Drake hit it hard by betting $159,000 on the Warriors for them to win the Western Conference in 2022. When they did, it earned him $800,000.

Last May, the Canadian artist said cashing in more than $2.6 million on a matched bet that had him pick the winners of the Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs.

But these are only the bets he wants to show his millions of subscribers. Everyone likes to brag about their sports bets, even if they end up losing. They like to show the gains and the bad beats (bets they almost won, but lost). It’s part of the human psyche and Drake is as sensitive to it as anyone. who“, Krackomberger explains to the Post.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/drake-accro-aux-paris-sportifs-voici-ses-gains-et-ses-pertes-demesures-1388187.aspx