Drama about viola! “Leave the House Hooded”

This year there are some candidates who stand out in “Germany’s Next Top Model”. One of them is Viola – who could hardly have imagined the impact her participation on the show would have on her everyday life.

  • In “Germany’s Next Top Model” some candidates stand out this year
  • Viola stuck in viewers’ minds from the start
  • A normal life like before GNTM is no longer possible for them

GNTM: Viola causes a stir

Viola from Bremen has become one with her pink mullet and the funny way in “Germany’s Next Top Model”. viewer favourite blossomed, even though many fans initially speculated whether Viola was a fake candidate who was smuggled in by Jan Böhmermann. the doubt however, have since been dispersed and week after week viewers are wishing for more Viola to be shown.

The student is so popular that she is now even a regular addressed on the street a situation she never imagined when she spontaneously applied for the show with encouragement from her flat share. Being recognized on the street and asked for a photo or autograph sounds like an absolute dream to many, but Viola has already had to learn how difficult this scenario can actually be.

GNTM: Viola is recognized every five meters

The student now revealed to “Promiflash” that she is about detected every five meters become. Viola reports:

So now I like to go too hooded out of the houseso that I can have a little more relaxation when I just go to the supermarket.

Viola is not quite comfortable with the hustle and bustle about her person, but she is probably not alone. Competitor Vanessa got a bright green bob during her makeover, which is at least as eye-catching as Viola’s pink mullet.

The competitors now stand out from the crowd – a great prerequisite for the modeling world, but still a bit unusual for everyday life.

Source used: celebrity flash