“Dream Ship”: Breakdown when shooting! By the time you realize it, it’s too late

Filming mishaps happen all the time. Sometimes there is a coffee mug in the picture, sometimes something falls over in the background or the actors make a mistake. As long as this is noticeable in advance, they remain funny moments. But what if the error is only noticed during the broadcast? A “dream ship” actor had to experience that now.

During the filming of “Dream Ship” in the Maldives, the production made a mistake. During a scene, someone in the background sneaks into the picture. The catch: Apparently nobody noticed this “speedster” during the cut. However, the actor discovers the mistake at the same time.

“Dream Ship”: Wayne Carpendale with a guest role

We’re talking about Wayne Carpendale. He had a guest role as Oliver Brand on the “Traumschiff” trip to Coco Island. Since the request was probably quite spontaneous and he had to travel to the Maldives for the filming, he promptly took his wife Annemarie Carpendale and their son Mads with him. Ironically, this then becomes the secret star of the episode.

The actor is now posting a section of the scene with Florian Silbereisen on Instagram, in which his son happily traipses through the picture. He writes with amusement: “When you look at the dream ship and see that your child is being carried out of the picture by the crew at the back.”

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“Traumschiff”: Crazy coincidence with Tina Ruland

Under the post, numerous fans comment on this scene with laughing smileys and have a lot of fun with Carpendale Junior. A fan writes, for example: “So nice that they turned a blind eye and it was allowed to stay like this. Bravo, little Carpendale.” Another adds, “Well, Mads really wanted to play too. And if not as a captain, then at least as an extra.”

Fellow actress Tina Ruland also comments on Wayne Carpendale’s contribution and reveals a crazy coincidence. Because it’s not just anyone who takes the little one out of the picture. “And especially funny because my son carries yours out,” she writes.

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