Dream ship: This is how Tina Ruland experienced the much-discussed bed scene

Updated on 12/28/2022 at 4:48 p.m

  • In “Traumschiff: Coco Islands” Tina Ruland and Marek Erhardt had a bed scene.
  • Many viewers found it “a bit uncomfortable” or a “disaster”.
  • Tina Ruland takes it with humor and comments: “Hilarious”.

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The bed scene from Tina Ruland and Marek Erhardt in “Traumschiff: Coco Islands” on the second day of Christmas was not so well received by the viewers. Many made fun of it on social networks. The actress has since commented on it.

Even the 56-year-old couldn’t remain serious when shooting the scene, as she revealed in the “Webtalkshow” moderator Nico Gutjahr. “We laughed extremely hard – especially in the scene, because it was really hilarious. And because he [Marek Erhardt, Red.] which also played with such a charm. So you could actually have fallen in love with him,” Ruland enthused with a wink.

That’s what the scene was about

To celebrate the feast of love together with his loved ones, Daniel Himmelberg (Erhardt) invites his blended family to a trip on the “Dream Ship”. It quickly becomes clear that everyone in this family seems to have relationship problems.

Daniel asks his mother Ulrike Himmelberg (Gaby Dohm) for advice on his relationship with wife Sonja (Ruland), who may be dating her ex-husband Jan Kaminski (Jan Sosniok) again. “Bring Pepp into your marriage, yes, Pepp,” says Ulrike. Daniel then surprises his Sonja in the dressing room. When this occurs, he is already lying naked on the bed in the semi-darkness and surrounded by rose petals.

“Like in a cheesy sleazy film. The only thing missing is that you say: ‘Take me, baby’,” Sonja states in the film. Then he: “Then take me, baby!”

The nastiest comments from the TV audience

However, the viewers found it more ridiculous than seductive, which they announced on the social media channels.

“Haven’t we been through enough this year? One user tweeted. “It’s a bit uncomfortable lying there in bed,” reads.

Another viewer also writes about a screenshot of the scene that shows Daniel in bed: “Me when I watch the ‘dream ship'”.

“Really, this episode is a disaster,” says another viewer.
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