“Dreams do come true”: Miss Universe El Salvador launches a nostalgic message on networks

Alejandra Guajardo, 26, was chosen as the most beautiful woman in El Salvador to compete in Miss Universe, and thus thanked her fans for their support.

In a waste of beauty, glamor and a lot of show, Alejandra Guajardo was crowned as the new Miss Universe El Salvador 2022.

The beauty queen, of Salvadoran-Mexican nationality, was crowned by her predecessor Alejandra Gavidia (Miss Universe El Salvador 2021), on August 13 at the Fepade Auditorium.

Guajardo stands out as a professional model and student of the International Business career at the University of Texas, United States. Additionally, she has studied Modern Psychology and Buddhism at Princeton University.

She will be in charge of carrying the name of the little thumb from Central America very high in the next edition of Miss Universe. Although there is still no date or place where it will take place.

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Ever since she was voted the most beautiful woman in the country, her fans had been waiting for her to post on their social media. And it was until a few hours ago that she released a motivational message where she invites her followers to fight for her dreams.

Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image/https://www.instagram.com/p/ChUvOQfu9bt/

“Good morning El Salvador! 🇸🇻💙 I want to thank everyone who supported me from the beginning of this beautiful adventure! Thanks to @missuniverseelsalvadorofficial and my director @carlosjimenezrauda for praising our beauty and giving us an unforgettable experience,” said the first lines of the speech.

Then she added: “If I can be sure of something today more than ever, it is that dreams do come true, if you persevere. You should not give up, because you never know when your opportunity will be to achieve what you have always dreamed of, and We will continue dreaming until we reach the universe!”

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Before that, her fans wished her luck in this new stage, and that she continue preparing to represent the country with dignity, since she could be the one to give her the fifth classification in Miss Universe, which has not been achieved for 26 years.

“Congratulations 😘 you are very beautiful, prepare yourself very well and I know that you are going to represent us with dignity. Rain of blessings to you and family ❤️❤️”, “We are going to shine with you Ale, you are incredible ❤️🙌”, “Well deserved my dear Ale, you are a pride, congratulations 😍❤️”, wrote his fans.

Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s50xC5C9OFE&t=6909s