Drew Barrymore: After separating from her husband, she took refuge in alcohol

Her divorce didn’t take Drew Barrymore well — she’s never made a secret of it. But now she admits how far she really fell.

For actress Drew Barrymore (47), it was love with her third husband, art dealer Will Kopelman (44). They married in 2012 and their happiness seemed perfect with the birth of daughters Olive (10) and Frankie (8). But in 2016 the marriage ended and the “ET” star fell into a deep hole.

Two years ago, she emphasized on the “Today” show: “I didn’t cope well with the divorce, it hit me hard.” Now she gives even more insight into her emotional life – and delivers an alcohol confession.

Drew Barrymore has been addicted to alcohol since she was young

“I just tried to numb the pain and feel good – and the alcohol did it for me too,” says the 47-year-old in an interview with “people.com”.

The addiction, which has accompanied Drew Barrymore since a young age, returned when she moved to New York from Los Angeles in 2019, in part to allow her children to be close to both parents. But the first winter on the East Coast was harder than she thought – the actress fell into old habits, ignoring the warning signs for the time being: “The drinking thing is like a constant for me. I told myself again: ‘You can do it don’t change. You are weak and unable to do what is best for you.'”

Drew Barrymore’s children and career: They gave her new courage to face life

The fallacy that things would get better on their own paralyzed their decisions: “You keep telling yourself that you can get it under control – that you’ll be better soon.” It took a while, but Drew Barrymore had her family and career to back her up with talk show The Drew Barrymore Show, which has given her new perspectives since 2020. The concern for her children was great, but they were also the reason for Drew Barrymore’s lifestyle: “[Nach der Scheidung] I probably cared about her so much that I was only there for her and didn’t care about myself. It was my children who made me feel it was time to act.”

“The Drew Barrymore Show” started during the corona pandemic

And so she did: Drew Barrymore went into therapy, stopped drinking. And she worked on the concept of her new show, which was launched at the height of the pandemic. At first the ratings left a lot to be desired, but as “people.com” reports, “The Drew Barrymore Show” is now the daytime show with the strongest increase in ratings of all. “She gave me something to focus on and put myself in,” says the actress in an interview, emphasizing, “It gave us something to believe in.”

Dating mishaps and lack of time: Drew Barrymore has yet to find new love

The relationship with her ex-husband is good, Drew Barrymore’s family seems to be harmoniously reunited. But the 47-year-old has not yet found a new love. After disappointments with dating apps and dates, she is in no hurry to do so. “Once in a while I go on a date because it’s a very human, natural thing. But I’m also such a mommy and I have a heavy workload – and I love being with my friends and I love being with being alone. Where else does dating fit in?” In addition, she is still nibbling on the end of her great love.

‘The Death of a Dream’: Drew Barrymore on her third divorce

“There was no scandal. Nothing went wrong. While that would have been clearer, it also made it more difficult and confusing because there was nothing to blame,” Drew Barrymore told people.com . “We tried so hard to make it work. [Ein Freund] said to me: ‘Divorce is the death of a dream.’ That’s exactly what it feels like – something so final that you can’t get it back.” Nevertheless, Drew Barrymore loves her new life and is excited about the future. She also shares this with her followers on Instagram. She recently posted a year in review with her “Best of 2022”. She writes: “2022, I love you! 2023, I’m ready!”