Driver who hit and killed Nicki Minaj’s father receives outrageous sentence

He not only ran over and injured a man, but also abandoned him and went into hiding for several days. These actions will be worth it”no more than one year“from jail to Charles Polevich, 71, citizen who in February 2021 fatally wounded Robert Maraj, father of rapper Nicki Minaj.

In recent hours, the resolution of the Nassau County Judge (USA), Howard Sturim, caused general outrage, since sentenced Polevich to “no more than one year in jail,” with community service and license suspension. However, the offender must return to court on August 3 for official sentencing.

Carol Maraj, widow of Robert and mother of Nicki Minaj, told international media that she does not agree with the sentence, although she did not indicate the legal measures she will take.

CNN published homicide detective Stephen Fitzpatrick’s report, which notes that after the incident, Polevich altered and hid his Volvo truck police white. Through security images, the officers tracked the vehicle and arrived at her house.

“He got out of the car and looked at the deceased, got into his car and took the conscious decision to leave. Instead of dialing 911 and calling an ambulance for the man, he went to his house and hid his vehicle,” Fitzpatrick notes.

In his defense, the attorney for Polevich, Marc Gann, also in communication with CNN indicates that his client is “extremely sorry for whatever role he played in Mr. Maraj’s death,” claiming that “a medical heart problem contributed to Mr. Polevich’s conduct.”

Maraj, 64, was walking through Mineola, Long Island, the night he was struck by a vehicle. The victim later died at the hospital, police said.

Although at this time Nicki Minaj He did not rule on the legal situation, months after his father’s death he declared that it was the “most devastating loss” of his life.

I find myself wanting to call him all the time. Even more so now that he’s gone. He was very loved and we will miss him very much, “he wrote in his networks.