drop in the ceiling, weekend… these changes that await you

After having tested the restaurant ticket, it is difficult to go back. And yet, this measure risks upsetting your habits!

Panic on board for restaurant ticket holders!

Thanks to the video above, we take stock of his knowledge of the restaurant ticket. If you are not a business manager or a staff representative, you are probably not aware of all its updates. The less than the teamObjeko can say is that there will be change. So, as employees, instead of undergoing them, we invite you to discover them. From now on, we suggest that you buckle up as we are entering a zone of turbulence. And who knows, perhaps, that our survey will allow you to better organize yourself and distribute your expenses more equitably? Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments of this article!

The last of the last!

During the health crisis, the executive had spent entire nights developing strategies. At first, Objeko thinks of whatever it takes. It is obvious, the idea of ​​Bruno Le Maire will remain forever engraved in all memories. In order to avoid the bankruptcy of the system, and especially that of all these businesses closed for long months, the State pays a salary to the employees. And if they had a restaurant ticket book still valid, the amount is multiplied by two! What a revolution!

Two years after this unprecedented crisis, it is time to put an end to certain measures. Certainly, the withdrawal of the wearing of the mask calms the spirits. As for the presentation of the health pass, it was experienced as a trauma for those who did not believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine. After three consecutive increases, the restaurant ticket should return to its initial amount. It’s a shame, we got used to it! Moreover, in the midst of inflation, is this the best time to upset the fragile balance between customers and professionals in the sector?

As soon as decreased…

You may not know anymore, but the decision is in Bercy’s hands. During a recent meeting, the CNTR tries to find a happy medium. How about trying to cut the pear in half? In other words, as far as supermarkets are concerned, we are back to square one. After all, for her average basket, the housewife often needs a 20 euro note, and no more. On the other hand, if you have to use it during an outing with family or friends, the amount of the restaurant ticket could increase and settle at 29 euros. However, on one side as on the other, this proposal is already making people cringe!

Mandated by Worklifethis survey of Viavoice highlights a major paradox. First of all, more than half of the owners of gastronomic establishments wish to keep the meal ticket at a little less than 40 euros. As for commissions, almost the majority find them far too high. Again, establishing a compromise to appease the parties is a headache!

… the restaurant ticket will soon no longer be accepted!

Once your boss gives you your restaurant ticket, you tend to walk around with it. Alas, you will have to revise your copy. From now on, it will no longer be accepted on weekends and even less on public holidays. Whether Objeko tries to summarize things, she would say that in November, December, January May, July, August, it is imperative to find another means of payment for shopping and leisure. This time, there’s no need to call Santa Claus for help, he won’t be able to do anything about it.

However, once put on the negotiating table, the argument put forward by the CNTR is food for thought. ” it was only used to exhaust the stocks ! Seen under this prism, it is obvious that the French can only see the extent of the damage. However, in these times of inflation and rising prices, they still need a boost. Who will have the last word ? We promise, we’ll keep you posted!

Source- https://www.objeko.com/ticket-restaurant-baisse-du-plafond-week-end-ces-changements-qui-vous-attendent-1176606/