Drowned in tears, Yuri and Beto Cuevas denounce ‘mistreatment’ in ‘The Voice Chile’: “We already suck”

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Santiago de Chile, Chile.- Last Sunday, May 15, the singers Yuri Y Beto Cuevas managed to paralyze the social networks after they denounced in a videodrowned in tears, ‘mistreatment’ by the production of The Voice Chili… will they leave the project?

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It seems that the singer of ‘behind my window‘ and the interpreter of ‘Lie‘ feel dissatisfied because the production of the talent reality show has prevented them from changing clothing for four weeks straight! Just as you read it.

Although viewers are used to a program like The Voice is transmitted in a maximum period of three hours, the truth is that there are times when the chapters take several days to record, so the stars must stay with the same ‘look‘ so that the audience does not lose the continuity of what is happening.

This fact was denounced by Beto Cuevas through a video in which he is seen drowning in tears with Yuri, who first asks him “why” he is crying, to which the singer replies: “Why don’t they let us change us yet”, while the controversial singer affirms that “everything sucks”. It should be noted that it was all a joke of the famous and they were not really crying.

For his part, Yuri explained at the bottom of the video that they have been wearing the same ‘look’ for more than four weeks, although he hopes that the production will soon have mercy on them.

I’ll explain… due to a continuity issue in the edition of the program and due to the rules of the franchise… We can’t change our clothes, we’ve been wearing the same ‘look’ for four weeks. We will continue like this until the mercy of the production says otherwise,” said the actress.

Sources: @oficialyuri