Drug raid on jungle camp candidate Markus Mörl

“Even a vibrator was examined”

Drug raid on jungle camper Markus Mörl

At the beginning of 2023, singer Markus Mörl wants to provide gas and fun with “I’m a star – get me out of here”. This despite the fact that he and his wife are still suffering from the effects of a drug raid on their home.


Markus Mörl moves to the RTL jungle camp in January.

With his “Neue Deutsche Welle” hit “I want fun”, singer Markus Mörl (63) became known in the 80s. After it became quiet about the German, he wants to prove himself in the jungle camp in 2023.

What will certainly also come up around the campfire is an incident from last year that still affects Mörl and his wife Yvonne König (51) today. After an anonymous tip, so “Bild” wants to know, the Limburg public prosecutor’s office initiated investigations into “illegal cultivation of narcotics” against the singer. The result was a house search at Mörl and his wife.