Drunk Jonny Depp thrashes wildly in shock video

The Hollywood star is cross-examined with sometimes shocking videos, photos and sound recordings.

Hollywood star Johnny Depp has been cross-examined by his ex-wife Amber Heard’s lawyers to read earlier text messages in which he had verbally abused the actress. On the third day on the witness stand in Fairfax County Courthouse, the star was also confronted with videos, photos and audio, some shocking, on Thursday (local time) that Heard’s team wanted to use to paint a picture of Depp as an addict struggling with violent episodes.

Depp rages drunk in the kitchen

In a video recorded by Heard, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star angrily thrashes around a kitchen in the morning, downs a tall glass of wine and yells that he’s going to show her what’s ‘crazy’. On cross-examination, Depp said he attacked “some kitchen cabinets” but not Heard. The day before, he had described alleged violent outbursts by the “Aquaman” actress in the defamation process. During an argument in 2015, she threw a vodka bottle at him. Part of his middle finger was severed. Heard has denied this allegation in the past.

SMS rants

Reading rants and humiliating insults in his text messages, Depp admitted at one point Thursday that he was “not proud” of his choice of words. In SMS texts, he called Heard a “whore” and spoke of her as if she were already dead. Other news revolved around drug sourcing. Depp’s questioning before the jury should continue on Monday. Heard is scheduled to take the stand at a later date.

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The actress filed for divorce in 2016 after just 15 months of marriage. She accused the Hollywood star of domestic violence. In his civil lawsuit, Depp alleges that his ex-wife made false statements in a 2018 op-ed about domestic violence published by the Washington Post. This would have damaged his reputation. Depp is suing for around 50 million dollars (a good 45 million euros) in damages for defamation.