DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen does without luxury

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Of: Claire Weiss

DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen does without luxury
For Dieter Bohlen there are more important things than expensive houses – he enjoys the little things in life. © Instagram/Dieter Bohlen

Recently it became known that DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen lives in Mallorca in relatively simple circumstances. Now the DSDS boss reveals what is really important to him in life.

In contrast to his former “Modern Talking” colleague Thomas Anders, who recently presented his lush home in Mallorca, Dieter Bohlen (68) lives in a modest apartment. But luxury does not seem to be important to the pop titan.

For Dieter Bohlen, luxury has a completely different meaning

“Many ask us what luxury means,” writes Dieter Bohlen on Instagram. He also has the answer ready: “For me it’s a mix of freedom, nature and family.” His wife Carina and their dog can be seen in the background – two things that seem more important to him than material goods.

Dieter Bohlen and his Carina find joy in the little things in life: “Off to the sea, waves, wind, sun. Anchor somewhere we like. Children’s laughter, salt on the skin, […] Experience nature, feel it, taste it with all your senses.” If you enjoy these little pleasures to the fullest, you probably don’t need a luxury villa.

Why pay a lot of money when you can get cool locations for free?

Dieter Bohlen lives in Mallorca on 90 square meters. “Dieter uses his connections, everyone on the island knows him. He enjoys fooling people. He likes to save,” a friend told Bild.de.

The singer and producer will soon be drawn back to Germany anyway. Because the 68-year-old celebrates his comeback in the final season of DSDS after a year’s break. And Pietro Lombardi is said to have brought DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen back on board. Sources used: Instagram/Dieter Bohlen, Bild.de