DSDS: Scandal about Mechito being kicked out – now THAT is coming to light

DSDS: Scandal about candidate Mechito who was thrown out – now THAT comes to light

02/10/2022 at 10:45 p.m

That’s what the DSDS winners are doing today

That’s what the DSDS winners are doing today

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The sudden DSDS-Out of candidate Mechito splits the audience. While some think it’s absolutely right not to offer a convicted criminal another stage, other viewers criticize the move because everyone deserves a second chance.

But the suspended sentence for assault does not seem to be the only thing that Mechito der DSDS-Jury has concealed. After his sacking, more questionable details from his past come to light.

DSDS scandal candidate Mechito: mystery about his identity

The “Bild” reports that against the ex-DSDS-Candidate who made it to the foreign recall would have further court proceedings. It’s mostly about his shisha bar, which Mechito runs in Munich.

It was also noticed that Mohiar – that’s Mechito’s real name – gives a completely different date of birth online than in official documents. While Facebook says he was born in July 1988, his papers are dated January 1992.


That is DSDS:

  • DSDS (“Germany is looking for the superstar”) is a German talent show
  • The show is based on the British predecessor “Pop Idol”
  • DSDS was first broadcast on November 9, 2002 on RTL
  • Dieter Bohlen has been on the jury since the beginning – in March 2021, however, RTL announced the end of the pop titan
  • In 2022, Toby Gad, Ilse DeLange and Florian Silbereisen will form the jury


DSDS participant Mechito tries to explain: “An Interpreter’s Error”

When asked by “Bild”, Mechito explains: “When I came to Germany as a refugee, there was an interpreter error. The wrong date was later entered correctly with a certified birth certificate and is 1992. ”So he apparently simply forgot to update the information on his social media profile afterwards.

Mechito moved the DSDS jury to tears during his casting performance when he reported on his escape from Syria to Germany in his self-written song “Heimat”.

The song says: “The last penny for a ticket across the sea. 100 men in a boat, that’s ten people. Is it really worth the trip? Will the hardships end on land or in the sea? Some images burn into your heart like butts. Rest in peace boy, blue pants, red shirt.”


More to DSDS:


The decision to remove Mechito from the show caused a lot of trouble online. You can find out here which TV personality even shoots publicly against Florian Silbereisen.