DSDS star Anna-Maria Zimmermann: Lockdown almost destroyed her marriage

Pop singer Anna-Maria Zimmermann (33) has been married to her husband Christian Tegeler (41) for seven years. The couple have two children and are actually very happy. But during the pademia period, especially in lockdown, their marriage faltered.

In the podcast “But please with Schlager“The former DSDS candidate revealed that her husband could no longer work overnight in 2020 because all restaurants were closed. This was followed by the biggest crisis in her marriage, as Anna-Maria openly admitted: “Well, I think that was it toughest test we’ve had in our entire lives, because we both don’t even know that we’re hanging on to each other 24/7.”

DSDS star Anna-Maria Zimmermann: “We actually live past each other”

The mom of two also said in the podcast that she and her husband are not the typical couple who have to see each other every day. “We get along so well because we don’t see each other at all. That sounds totally stupid, but that’s how we are,” says Anna-Maria.

Because while she flies back and forth between Germany, Mallorca and Austria, Christian takes care of the two children at home. “It’s a bit of living side by side. We know when we’ll have our vacations again and when we’ll be together as a family again. But we actually live past each other,” explained the pop singer.

But that’s okay, she thinks. But when the Corona period came, the couple suddenly had “panic” and “incredible worries”. In the end, Anna-Maria and Christian even avoided each other: “It was a disaster, it was really bad. I’ll tell you honestly, we put the children to bed in the evening and it was like this: I’m going upstairs Watch TV. Okay, me downstairs.”

The couple is now very happy that everyone can now go back to work and that the family is no longer “hanging on each other 24/7”.