DSDS star Jannik Rubeck: He narrowly escaped paraplegia

Jannik Rubeck (25) got off to a bad start in the hospital right at the beginning of the new year. The singer, who took part in the 13th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2016, has been in a Berlin clinic since January 2nd. In a car accident, Gisele Oppermann’s ex (35) suffered numerous vertebral and rib fractures in 2016. “My intervertebral discs at the bottom of the coccyx and sacrum and the lower lumbar vertebrae were pretty damaged,” said the musician in an interview with “bild.de”. “I’ve been in pain ever since.” However, since his legs recently felt “paralyzed”, he went to the doctor. What followed was spinal surgery. However, this went differently than expected. He narrowly escaped paraplegia.

Ex-DSDS star Jannik Rubeck: he was threatened with the wheelchair

During the preliminary examination, it turned out that one of the intervertebral discs was ossified. “If it had cut into the spinal cord, I would have ended up paralyzed in a wheelchair,” explains Rubeck. The former protégé of Dieter Bohlen (68) decided to have a spinal operation. In this first two vertebrae were stiffened. The intervertebral discs were replaced with titanium prostheses. A total of twelve titanium screws were used in the musician’s back. A complicated procedure with consequences.

At first the operation seemed to have gone well. But then “intense pain” reported to Rubeck. “I’m in tears because it hurts so much,” recalls the ex-DSDS candidate. “A drain was placed on the spinal cord to prevent a bruise from forming there. But the doctors couldn’t get it out.” Rubeck had to go under the knife in another emergency operation. The wound had to be partially reopened so that the hose could be removed.

Jannik Rubeck must continue to “grit your teeth”

After this painful odyssey, Rubeck can now breathe a sigh of relief. “The feeling of paralysis in the legs is gone now. That’s good,” said the singer with relief. He has to remain in the hospital until Monday (January 9). “After that, I go to inpatient pain therapy for three weeks,” says the 25-year-old. So for him it’s still “grit your teeth”, as he revealed in an interview with “bild.de”.

It was not enough for Jannik Rubeck to become a superstar in 2016. Nevertheless, leaving does not have to mean the end of a career. In the video you can find out which ex-candidates have nevertheless made a great career in the music business.