DSDS – The second live show: unlucky on stage, lucky in love

DSDS – The second live show
Unlucky on stage, lucky in love

By Kai Butterweck

After the eighties hits come the major and minor highlights of the cinema world. The second live show is all about opulence, drama and lots of popcorn. Unfortunately, there is no happy ending for two lovebirds.

Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, James Bond: 1400 DSDS fans in Cologne-Ossendorf are in blockbuster fever. Under the “Filmnacht” motto, the eight remaining superstar candidates want to conjure up great cinema feelings on the DSDS show stage. Right at the beginning, guest juror Sarah Engels has the all-important tip for the excited newcomers ready: “You just have to enjoy the moment and the time here,” advises the format runner-up from 2011.

Enjoyment always comes first for circus bro Gianni – at least when it comes to the music. You can see that again this time. In the snazzy Richard Gere commemorative outfit and in perfect voice, the oldie fan opens the evening with a flawless performance of the Roy Orbison classic “Pretty Woman”.

From the operating table straight onto the show stage

Unfortunately, Tina, who then walked onto the stage in a white leather dress, didn’t have much to enjoy last week. After a last-minute surgery to remove a cyst from Tina’s abdomen, the Swiss radio presenter had very little time to practice. But Tina is “a brutal woman” (quote from Sarah Engels) and doesn’t let herself be discouraged that quickly by an operation that has just been pushed in between. The 23-year-old interprets the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” hit “Crazy In Love” with a lot of passion and energy. However, the jury likes the cheerful Tina better. For Florian Silbereisen and Ilse DeLange, the performance is a bit “too gloomy”.

Speaking of dark: Who on the jury actually likes horror films? Certainly not Toby Gad: “As soon as it gets too bloody for me, I switch off!” admits the star producer. The other entertainers behind the jury counter can’t do anything with dark cinema art either. While Sarah Engels “celebrates” all Disney strips and Toby Gad warmly recommends the musical masterpiece “La La Land”, Ilse DeLange throw the title “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and Florian Silbereisen (of course) “Das Traumschiff” in the round.

Din fails the “Dirty Dancing” hurdle

For Tina’s loverboy Din there is only one film that is really important as of this week. And it’s called “Dirty Dancing”. As a Patrick Swayze double, the singer with Bosnian words gets a lot of criticism. The jury, especially Florian Silbereisen, somehow “expected a lot more”. Two commercial breaks later, the smaller and more delicate of the two Melissas under this year’s DSDS banner shows how to get the really big feelings right in a nutshell.

After the somewhat more “present” Melissa Turan “really sets the mill on fire” (Melissa skilfully follows in the footsteps of “Moulin Rouge” expert Christina Aguilera) and rocker Dominik ignites the cracking “Transformers” rocket (“What I’ ve Done”), Melissa Mantzoukis shoots down the highlight bird of the evening as a warbling fairy tale princess (“Never Enough”). “It was pure magic,” Ilse DeLange rejoices.

Dutch chick cowgirl Amber (“Shallow”) and Elton John growler Harry (“I’m Still Standing”) don’t have that much magic to offer. But for the last two performers of the evening it is still enough for the next round. The top six also reach Gianni, Dominik and the two Melissa divas. For the lovers Tina and Din, on the other hand, the DSDS journey ended after the second live show. But there are worse things. After all, as the saying goes: bad luck on stage, lucky in love!