DSDS: Was Pietro’s victory justified? Years later, Dieter speaks plain language

In the history of DSDS he is probably the greatest success story – Pietro Lombardi. When the singer entered the casting room in 2011 with his keyboard and stand, no one would have thought that the then 18-year-old would one day be so successful that he would then sit on the jury himself.

Pietro Lombardi is back for the anniversary season and keeps his former mentor and longtime friend Dieter Bohlen company. And he remembers the first encounter with Pietro during the RTL shooting, which raises the question of how justified the DSDS victory in 2011 was?

DSDS: Dieter Bohlen talks about the jury decision from back then

A lot has happened in 20 years of DSDS existence. As a member of the jury, Dieter Bohlen was always there and should now have enough candidate expertise to be able to say exactly who has potential and who might need more practice.

With Pietro Lombardi, he was immediately sure, as he reveals now, even though he was more of a mediocre singer than a superstar. Apparently, that didn’t escape the pop titan even then, because now he says: “If the jury had been normal and we would have been fair ..” – “If I were out,” Pietro completes the sentence.

DSDS juror reveals: That’s why Pietro was something very special

After a fair assessment, because of his singing talent, that doesn’t sound like it. Even then, jury member Fernanda Brandão said: “You kind of have this ‘bravo’ factor. I think when the girls see you they’ll say ‘oh he’s so cute’. You are a young, fresh guy. I think you should move and be a bit more free on stage and have more confidence. Now that wasn’t so bad.”

This judgment brought Pietro one lap further, but musically there was little feedback. Incidentally, Bohlen found his protégé vocally “very interesting”. The number that today’s father of two chose at the time was also very difficult.

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In the end, Pietro made it one lap further with three “yes”. Today Dieter Bohlen explains the jury’s decision and says: “There is something here that is more important than voice and that is that you are connected. I just loved you.”

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