Dua Lipa and Aron Piper, surprised by an earthquake in Mexico

    Dua Lipa is touring the world with her ‘Live’ tour, who has left numerous videos of her sensual dance (which we are unable to recreate). Although she is immersed in giving everything on stage, the singer has made it clear that, after a good concert, you always fancy a good ‘after-party’. She is an international star whose songs have broken through and dominated the charts, but she has no problem going out to the most popular nightclub in the city she is in. Something we could check in Madridwhere the images of her moving to the rhythm of the music with actor Aron Piper They made us wonder if there was something between the two.

    That ‘crossover’ we did not see it coming. It is not even known if both artists had previously met and, taking advantage of his visit to Spain, the boy from ‘Elite’ wanted to show him the Madrid party. Then he had recently ended his relationship with the “influencer” Jessica Goicoechea (which sent a clear hint after the viral video) and seeing him dancing in an affectionate attitude with Dua Lipa was something totally unexpected.

    Months after those videos, shared last June, the scene is repeated. Dua Lipa gives it her all to the rhythm of reggaeton songs (we wonder if she knows the words or sings them just like we used to sing High School Musical songs as kids) and, next to her, the familiar face of Aron Piper. The scenario is different, because she is sweeping Latin America with her concerts. His last destination: Mexicowhere the scene was captured that, in addition, coincided with the earthquake of magnitude 6.9 on the Richter scale that surprised the country.

    The rest of the attendees had noticed the presence of both celebrities. When the earthquake was felt, the party stopped. The unexpected situation was caught on video which reaches almost a million views on TikTok. If it was already curious to coincide in a nightclub with the mysterious duo, imagine experiencing an earthquake being right next to them.

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