Dua Lipa gave details of what will be her third album | PEOPLE

Last Saturday, Dua Lipa received the Excellence Award during ESNS. During the thank you message, the artist British took the opportunity to give details of what will be their third album. The interpreter of “Levitating” announced that the songs that will be part of the album will reflect her evolution in music.

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As is known, Dua Lipa belongs to the aforementioned association since 2016, when she was just beginning to take her first steps in music and, for many, she was a complete stranger.

However, based on effort and talent, the British composer became a benchmark in pop. During the thank you speech, the singer gave details of her third album.

“His theme, more than sonic, is compositional. It’s still pop and I’m still looking forward to dancing, having fun and doing another amazing tour. In certain respects, it’s a slightly more mature project.” added.

What she will be looking for in her new album is to show her evolution in music from its beginnings to the present, but without leaving behind her essence that led her to reap hits like “New Rules” or “Levitating”.

It should be mentioned that some time ago, the British composer stated that, in dialogue with The Wall Street Journalhis third album was going to be totally different from what he had previously released.

How many Grammys does Dua Lipa have in total?

Dua Lipa has been nominated for ten Brit Awards, eight Grammy Awards, and five NME Awards, winning three, three, and one respectively. Likewise, she became the first female artist to receive five nominations in a single year at the Brit Awards.

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