Dua Lipa imposes fashion by showing medium peach and lingerie with tremendous opening

Dua Lipa imposes fashion by showing medium peach and lingerie with tremendous opening in dress. The beautiful pop artist of international stature who visited our country with the Future Nostalgia tour in 2022 said goodbye to the year with a revealing outfit that she gave everyone to talk about.

Although it is no surprise that the beautiful 27 year old She has a slender silhouette that generates sighs among her fans, it drew attention that she received the New Year wearing a totally sparkling dress that flashed pink lights.

The garment that made her look like a princess had a halter neckline with a side-boob slit, plus it was totally tight at the waist and the cut was well above the knees, so she combined the outfit with beautiful long cherry-colored boots.

Another glamorous detail was the rhinestone earrings that made her look more elegant. However, the detail of her dress that caught her eyes was that exposed the back, as well as half of the rearbecause the cut of the dress was quite pronounced.

With this garment, he left the air tiny white clothes which was below For what caused a stir among her followers, who said that the British-Albanian would be able to resume the fashion of the 2000s, which consisted of leaving her underwear on the air, giving her outfit a flirtatious and daring touch.

New album in 2023

To the surprise of his fans, Dua Lipa He is preparing a new album that he predicts will be full of magic, because he announced that it will include better lyrics and new sounds that will leave his fans speechless.

In an interview, the successful star said “I’m going to keep writing in the first few months of the new year and see where it takes me. The album is different: it’s still pop, but it has a different sound and there’s more of a lyrical theme. If I told you the title, it would all make sense, but I think we’ll have to wait.”

Dua Lipa sets an example for Bad Bunny

After the controversy that arose a few days ago when Bad Bunny he refused to take a selfie with a fan and that he even snatched her cell phone and then threw it; fact that he repeated the same day with two other fans in a bar; A video came to light where Dua Lipa does not agree to give a photo.

However, the artist kindly told him no and explained the reason: “very sorry. I’m not taking pictures with anyone because I’m with my family, but it was nice meeting you.”

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