Dua Lipa is crowned as the new Britney Spears in Mexico

It’s the new Britney Spears. A new pop princess for millennials and centennials is defending her throne. The English Dua Lipa with only five years in the music industry already has an artistic career as popular as other singers of the genre in the world.

For example, the feat he performed in Mexico City: His first concert in the capital sold out tickets in a single day and ten months in advance. The 81st show of his Future Nostalgia world tour brought together 65,000 fans at the Foro Sol and is, to date, the biggest show he has done.

Like a good Englishwoman, she began her concert on time, on the night of September 21. The fans who had made long lines the day before and camped to be the first to enter the venue shuddered when the chords of Physical sounded, the first of 19 songs in the repertoire that did so in an hour and a half.

She is the show and she doesn’t need anything else. Neither pyrotechnics, spectacular effects, visuals or Led screens, she did not use anything and she made it clear that she does not need it. Taking advantage of her talent as a professional model, her slender figure and her 1.72 meter height, worthy of a miss, the singer turned the stage into a fashion catwalk; she ran it from end to end several times outlining her waist in steps perfectly synchronized with the rhythm of her songs.

He wasted mischief and an excess of sensuality. She winked, smiled, she shook her long hair in the best Jennifer Lopez style and she threw herself on the ground, without letting go of the microphone, to continue dancing without losing her breath or her style. She changed her clothes four times, the same number in which her show was divided.

Only once did she not wear heels and opted for tennis shoes, but for the rest the platform and glitter in looks that revealed the flatness of her abdomen and her dozen tattoos.

“I am very happy, I am very excited to be here. Thank you for your energy, for your support and thank you for this magical night. I want to say many things but my Spanish is not perfect, I have to study more, but tonight I am going to try for you. Thank you, I love you very much and we are going to enjoy it, “said Dua Lipa excitedly and in Spanish after singing her first three songs.

The repertoire was the same that he has performed on his tour that began this year and has passed through the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America and will end in Australia and New Zealand. “New Rules”, “Love Again”, “Break my heart”, “Be the one”, “Fever”, “One Kiss”, “Cold heart”, and “Future nostalgia”, were sung at the top of their lungs.

For a moment in the second act, Dua apparently had a hiccup with her return. She incessantly looked back and gestured to the point that she had to adjust her earpiece and say “sorry guys (excuse me guys)” to continue singing. The incident did not pass over.

Almost to end the show, the 27-year-old artist hugged her dancers, waved the flag of Mexico and that of the LGBTTIQ community, to give thanks again.

With “Levitating” and “Dont start now” he said goodbye to his fans in Mexico City, and then went to a private after party somewhere in the capital where he lived with his friends and work team, the unexpected was that the “rumba” was interrupted by the 6.9 earthquake that shook Mexicans from their beds. The video of the artist frightened by the tremor circulated on social networks and how they chanted in the Foro Sol: “Dua, sister… you are already Mexican”!

The next stop on his tour is this Friday, September 23, in Monterrey, the only city in the interior of the country where he will sing.