Dua Lipa kindly refuses to take a photo with a fan | Famous

Dua Lipa He gave a sample of how to refuse to take photos with fans, but very kindly. The action of the British singer stood out for saying “no” in a subtle way, unlike Bad Bunny

The British singer was exhibited on social networks accidentally giving a class of courtesy and good manners. The interpreter of ‘Physical’ appears in a TikTok video with a casual look, made up of a three-quarter sleeve shirt, denim shorts and glasses.

One of those present asks him for a photo when he was walking without security personnel, only with a woman who was apparently part of his family. The artist replied to the fan that at that time she could not give him her photograph, however, she did it politely.

“Very sorry. I am not taking pictures with anyone because I am with my family, but it was nice to meet you, ”she is heard saying in English and with a serene tone.

The kind way that Dua Lipa had to ask the admirer to respect his personal space was applauded on digital platforms, as it radically contrasts with Bad Bunny’s reaction when a girl who recognized him on public roads put her phone in front of his face to take a portrait and he immediately took the cell phone from her and threw it away.

In addition to that video, other clips of the Puerto Rican artist performing the same action have circulated on the Internet. Bad Bunny has not remained silent about it and through Twitter he wanted to justify his actions.

“Very sorry. I’m not taking pictures with anyone because I’m with my family, but it was nice to meet you,” the artist is heard saying in English in a serene tone when she walked without security personnel, just with a woman who seemed to be a member of her family. .