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The greatest referents of the music They didn’t have it easy at the beginning and with a lot of effort, and of course also thanks to their talent, they became the stars they are now. A clear example of this is Dua Lipawho revealed that at first they rejected her because they thought she had no voice to sing, but she did not give up and little by little she made a name for herself in the artistic world.

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If we mention “Levitating”, “New Rules” and “One Kiss”, it is likely that the first thing that comes to mind is Dua Lipa, and indeed you are right.

The singer born in London, England, is considered one of the greatest references in the pop genre and throughout her musical career she has garnered endless recognition and achievements. The latest announcement from her was that she will co-chair The Met Gala 2023 along with Michaela Coel, Penelope Cruz, Roger Federer and Anna Wintour.

However, this was not easy at first and she herself confessed it through a podcast which is called ‘Dua Lipa at Your service’, being the first time he has spoken openly about his beginnings.

“I enrolled in a singing and drama school in London. They rejected me, I appealed and they rejected me again. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, why is this happening to me?’ I just wanted to sing.” Dua Lipa recounted.

Likewise, the singer recalled that she also offered to play the cello with the aim of making a name for herself in music, but she also received negative responses and even thought that it was not for her.

“As women, we have been oppressed by how we are supposed to be or appear. We have been pushed down for too long to really feel who we are and explore the sexual and feminine side of ourselves.” added.

Message for the new generation

Finally, the interpreter of “Break My Heart” maintained that they are currently building their own castles, but this does not mean that their work is recognized as they deserve.

“The younger generations have a really interesting outlook on life. Maybe it’s the internet or the way we’ve evolved as people…it’s really interesting and refreshing and inspiring too.” ended.

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