Dubai concert: Beyoncé disappointed her fans for a record fee of 22 million euros

Beyoncé is back on stage after the news caused an uproar on social media around the world. The pop star returned last weekend after a four-year hiatus, but the singer drew harsh criticism. Because she performed for an exclusive audience as part of a hotel opening in Dubai. It wasn’t just her fee that left her fans speechless.

Appearance in criticism

It was the event of the year for many celebrities and influencers who have settled in the desert state of Dubai. The new luxury hotel “Atlantis The Royal” was opened as part of a pompous celebration.

There were countless well-known names on the guest list, and influencers with a large reach in particular were specifically invited to ensure good press and free advertising. In addition to the Internet stars, well-known figures such as Beyoncé, Rebel Wilson and Kendall Jenner were also bought. In addition to free board and lodging, they all received a high fee.

Record fee and disappointed fans

The highlight of the evening was to be an exclusive performance by multiple Grammy winner Beyoncé. She is said to have received around 24 million dollars (around 22 million euros) for her private concert. During their performance, there was a strict photo and video ban. Nevertheless, numerous videos and snapshots leaked out and got onto the internet.

Now the singer is confronted with sharp criticism. The American has always campaigned for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in the past and even dedicated her own album to it. However, the United Arab Emirates do not stand up for the rights of this community, same-sex love is not tolerated there and is even considered a crime.

Because of this, many are on the barricades, they are disappointed, sad and angry about Beyoncé’s performance in Dubai. The singer would not have needed such a fee either. For many fans, she is not a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community when she performs in a country with such views.