Duchess Kate photographed Duchess Camilla for a magazine cover

For her 75th birthday, Duchess Camilla tried her hand as a guest editor of a magazine. Duchess Kate snapped the cover photo.

On July 17, 2022, Duchess Camilla will celebrate her 75th birthday. Because of this special occasion, she collaborated on the 125th edition of the British glossy magazine “Country Life”. For the cover, the wife of heir to the throne Prince Charles and future royal consort posed in front of the lens of her step-daughter Duchess Kate.

The magazine will be published on July 13, and both the newspaper and the royal family have announced some details in advance. There are some insights on Instagram and Twitter. For example, the cover photo of Duchess Camilla, including a look behind the scenes.

The cover photo shows Camilla in the garden of her country home, Ray Mill House, in Wiltshire. She bought the property in the 1990s after her divorce from Andrew Parker-Bowles, and it’s about 17 miles from Prince Charles’ Highgrove House. Camilla smiles at the camera in a blue floral dress and matching cardigan. She is sitting on a bench and has one hand relaxed on a basket with flowers and garden tools.