Duet with mother-in-law: Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai recorded a song together

Singer Vanessa Mai and her mother-in-law, pop singer Andrea Berg, have released their first song together. “Infinite” is the name of the duet that was released from Mai’s forthcoming studio album “Metamorphosis”. “A song with an incredibly important message,” Mai and Berg write on Instagram and add: “Give each other a hand and be stronger together. Share the light to make it bigger. Stand together.”

Mai (30) comes from Backnang in Württemberg and has been married to Andrea Berg’s stepson Andreas Ferber since 2017 – the 56-year-old is the “step-mother-in-law” of the singer from Backnang. However, the two have never worked together before. “Infinite” was originally one of the songs she recorded in 2019 for an album that she ultimately discarded, Mai also reveals on Instagram. Their album “Metamorphose” will be released on August 12th.

With almost a dozen number one albums and several million records sold, Berg is one of the most commercially successful artists in Germany. Your album entitled “I’d do it again” for the 30th stage anniversary will be released on July 29th.