Dulce María asks for more attention for her tribute to RBD in the 2000’s Pop Tour

One of the most emotional moments of the 2000’s Pop Tour concert is when Dulce María pays tribute to RBD and appears on stage dressed as Roberta, her character in the telenovela and in the band that arose from it.

However, the weekend concert of this tour (which brings together some of the most popular pop exponents of the first decade of the 21st century) coincided with that of Karol G, who had Anahí as a guest.

Anahí and Dulce María were part of “Rebelde” and RBD and shared the success of both the telenovela and the group that toured Latin American countries for several years.

However, the coincidence of the concerts caused a phenomenon that did not leave Dulce María happy: in social networks, Karol G’s duet with Anahí had a wide impact thanks to the fact that it was replicated in the official RBD accounts. The same did not happen with Dulce María’s tribute on 2000’s Pop Tour, which went unnoticed in those same accounts.

“Too bad I don’t know who manages the RBD networks. But it would have been nice if they joined this great tribute we did for the entire #REBELDE generation and the #2000 in short thanks to the more than 25,000 people who remembered and sang with us,” Dulce Maria wrote.

Immediately, his followers began to replicate the message and, above all, to spread photos and videos of the way in which Dulce María revived Roberta’s character.

A few hours after the singer wrote her claim, the official RBD networks reacted and also published some images of what was experienced in the 2000’s Pop Tour.

“Nostalgia and total emotion. More than 25 thousand people singing together all these songs that fill my soul and bring me such intense memories. I could not stop making you this surprise, they are in my heart and I always carry them with me. A whole generation @ 2000spoptour and yes, I’m still here, and there’s still a lot of love. I love you and see you soon, “wrote Dulce María.