Dulce María recreates the look of Roberta, her remembered RBD character

Undoubtedly, the most successful stage of Dulce María’s career was that of RBD, the popular youth band from Mexico. And to celebrate that moment, the artist recreated the look of Roberta Pardo, her remembered character in the telenovela Rebelde.

On Instagram, the singer showed her hair dyed red, just like the rebellious teenager she played in 2003, in addition to accompanying the transformation with a nose piercing. She wrote about it: “Some things never really go away…they live inside of us” and received the compliments of his followers.

This transformation was made for the “2000’s Pop Tour”, a tour that brought together artists who marked that decade with their songs and that is why she decided to honor the production that made her jump to worldwide fame.

Dulce Maria acknowledged: “Even I was surprised to see myself in the mirror” and thanked the team of stylists and makeup artists that accompanies her, for achieving the expected result.

In the recent reunion of RBD, the interpreter could not be present since she was in the last trimester of her pregnancy, but she herself assured that she would love to be part of a new concert that will surely take place very soon.