Dulceida and Alba Paul had plans to be mothers before breaking up

Dulceida and Alba Paul were going to be mothers before breaking up

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      In October, Dulceida and Alba Paul told their followers that they were going their separate ways after seven years of dating and five of “married”, a term that we put in quotation marks because at the time it came to light that they never really got married officially. A rupture that we already saw coming last summer, because they themselves announced that they were going through a crisis. Months later, Aida confirmed the news of her with an emotional ‘post’ on her social networks in which she dedicated a couple of affection to the one who was her girlfriend. For her part, Alba has always been more reserved when talking about this subject, but now that she has spent time, she has decided to be honest.

      The Catalan ‘influencer’ has given an interview to Sindy Takanashi on the program ‘Las Nails’, where she has been honest about how complicated it was to manage the breakup being two such media people. “It’s the worst part, it aggravates all the pain. They are all the time reminding you that the relationship is over, they send you photos, they attack you,” Alba said.

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      A talk in which he also acknowledged that, before breaking up, they had plans to become mothers through the ROPA method, that is, one of them would lay the ovules and the other would gestate the baby. “The maternal instinct itself, I did not have it. We talked about it and said that it would be like that and she would have it,” Alba said, saying that, in this way, both would participate in the process.

      Unfortunately, her plans never came to fruition due to their breakup, which she blamed in part on the pandemic. “It’s all the rebound effect of the pandemic. I think we’ve all been upset. Not only lesbians, many straight friends of mine for many years have also left it with their partners,” she said.

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