Dwayne Johnson Claims He Fought With Warner Bros To Get Henry Cavill In Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson likes to reveal to blockbuster fans the workings of the Hollywood machine. In a video broadcast on Twitterhe thus declared that Warner Bros initially “inexplicably” did not want to bring back Henry Cavill in the role of Superman.

Cavill’s short return in a red and blue costume in a post-credits scene was one of the film’s standout moments. Black Adam. In his video, Dwayne Johnson clearly states that he had to fight to get this cameo. This way of updating behind-the-scenes Hollywood has become the hallmark of the star, who feels indebted to fans of the DCEU and of black adam despite mixed reviews.

In his intervention on Twitter, he first returns to the new hierarchy that has been set up in the DC universe. “She has changed in many ways. First, we imposed black adam around the world as the most powerful and unstoppable force in the DCEU. If we want to make black adam the most powerful force in the DC Universe, we must bring back the most powerful and unstoppable force of all time, regardless of the universe. And you know who I’m talking about? Of course I’m talking about Superman. And I’m talking about Henry Cavill. But initially the studio didn’t want to bring back Henry Cavill ”. Except that Dwayne Johnson was obviously not going to settle for a refusal.

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Henry Cavill wore the red cape for the first time in man of steel in 2013 and, contrary to the prevailing trend in superhero movies, the film never got a sequel. Instead, his Superman appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, then in 2017 in Justice League. According to Dwayne Johnson, his co-star’s return to the role took years as it was thought he had hung up the suit for good.

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