Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: Blubbed: That was hidden in his iconic fanny pack at the time

When fanny packs became fashionable again a few years ago, a photo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49) reappeared that the 49-year-old might have preferred to keep secret. In the photo, a very young “The Rock,” who was 23 at the time, can be seen casually leaning against a banister. He wears a black turtleneck over which he has styled a silver link chain. The matching bracelet hangs on his right arm and smiles shyly at the camera. But the highlight for people online today is the black fanny pack that he wears and casually hangs his finger on. For years, fans have been interested in what was hidden in the so-called Fanny Pack. During a visit to the TV show “E! News’ Daily Pop,” the actor reveals the inside scoop and finally reveals the contents of the bag.

Dawyne “The Rock” Johnson: Now he finally reveals what was hidden in the fanny pack at the time

Many may have wondered what Dwayne Johnson carried in his fanny pack as an aspiring wrestler back in the day. When it comes to interviews about the unusual accessory, “The Rock” repeatedly emphasizes that all wrestlers in the 90s wore such a bag – it was cool and trendy. “All wrestlers had a fanny pack back then, everyone,” he explains to the TV interview. “But the only one who stands out and makes the headlines and looks like an idiot is sitting right here,” he says with a laugh.

When asked what he had stowed in the now iconic bag, he remains mysterious and says: “Lots of dirty things that I can’t name right now.” Thoughtfully, he adds that the bag mainly contained “telephone numbers”.

Thankfully, he seemed to remember it a little better in a 2014 interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. At the time, when asked about the contents of the fanny pack, he honestly answered: “Pop tarts and condoms.”

The iconic look went viral – 21 years later, Dwayne Johnson is still rocking the outfit

Since then, the iconic photo has been copied not only by fashionistas, but also by other stars. The American comedian Kevin Heart even dressed up as “The 90s Rock” for Halloween a few years ago and delighted his fans with the successful costume.

But probably the best recreation of the famous photo is provided by “The Rock” itself. 21 years after the original photo, he recreates the outfit and the casual pose for his appearance on “Saturday Night Live”. The turtleneck is tucked into the pants, the handkerchief is under his arm for protection and of course the cool fanny pack should not be missing. A fashion masterpiece that still looks pretty cool two decades later – at least on “The Rock”.