“Easier to earn more as a woman”

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Pietro Lombardi has never lacked money since his DSDS breakthrough. However, Dieter Bohlen’s protégé did not always keep an eye on his finances. His fiancee Laura, to whom he literally prophesies a golden future, is now taking over.

Cologne – Pietro Lombardi (30) now knows how to manage his money, but that wasn’t always the case: Since his breakthrough as the winner of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, things have been going well for the singer financially, here and there the 30- Year-olds don’t always keep a close eye on their expenses. His fiancée Laura Maria Rypa (27), who could soon be doing much better than her partner, says the “Phenomenal” interpreter, is now remedying the situation.

Laura brought order to Pietro Lombardi’s finances – the DSDS star “threw out a lot of money”

“In our relationship, Laura is the accountant,” Pietro Lombardi honestly admits in an interview bild.de to. Only recently did the DSDS star and his sweetheart treat themselves to a luxury stroller for over 1000 euros; Overall, however, thrift seems to have found its way into the Lombardi-Rypa household. It wasn’t always like that: “You threw out a hell of a lot of money!” His loved one accused him of with regard to his lifestyle in the “last few years”.

“Easier to earn more as a woman”
Pietro Lombardi is firmly convinced that his pregnant fiancée Laura Maria Rypa will soon be richer than him. As a “woman and influencer” she can “earn more” more easily, the DSDS juror is sure (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Pietro Lombardi/Laura Maria Rypa

The corresponding proof was found quickly; namely in Pietro Lombardi’s post: “We then noticed that I suddenly had 4000 euros in bills open,” says the 30-year-old, who is now acting more prudently: “Of course I only spent money because I didn’t have a real goal. I didn’t have a family, I was single!” He now has “a completely different perspective”; only spent 2,000 euros last month: “I can get by with very little,” is his honest conclusion.

Not only Germany’s superstar – Pietro Lombardi won a curious title in 2022:

Already knew? In January, Pietro Lombardi won the German catching championship on the Sat.1 show “Catch!”. His team prevailed against teams of other prominent participants, including Cathy Hummels (34) and Wincent Weiss (29).

Pietro Lombardi is sure – his fiancée Laura has it “easier to earn more”

Pietro Lombardi is still the top earner, but the DSDS juror is sure that her work as an internet celebrity could soon pay off enormously for his Laura: “I earn enough money, but in the long run she will overtake me. Because it’s just easier for them as a woman and an influencer to earn more these days. There are large sums of money on the way. As a seasoned musician, I can’t do 20 ads a month or something like that.” The 27-year-old, who earned “perhaps 1,500 or 1,800 euros a month” as a trained paralegal, is “still very modest” – although things are now going much better financially.

Now the couple is looking forward to the birth of their first child together, after which they will get married. Despite a joint account, they are not yet dealing with the subject of a marriage contract: “Surely we will sit down at some point and just talk about it.” Most recently, the 30-year-old was still worried about his sweetheart: Pietro Lombardi’s fiancé Laura recently had to go to the hospital; in the meantime even the contractions had started. Sources used: bild.de