Ed Sheeran is the touring king

After the Corona lull, Ed Sheeran saves the concert biz. The Rolling Stones and Bad Bunny are also strong

Ed Sheeran sold exactly 3,047,694 tickets this year for his 63 European concerts under the motto “Mathematics”. The most successful tour of the year. In Austria, too, he is the big winner with 124,800 fans at his Vienna double pack in the Happel Stadium: With a turnover of 9,386,420 euros, Sheeran even makes the Stones look old: they cashed in at their Vienna concert in front of 57.1.42 fans namely “only” 8,966,516 euros.

records. In general, the 2022 concert year broke all records after the two-year Corona lull. Over 59.2 million concert tickets were sold worldwide this year. That brought in sales of over $6.28 billion. That is even 13 percent more than before the pandemic. Of course, ticket prices have also gone up. From an average of $95 (2019) to $106.

open air. The big revenue generators were the stadium concerts. There was an 81 percent increase from 2019 to 2022 to $2.7 billion. This is also evident in Vienna: this year there were eight concerts in the Happel Stadium. For a total of 341,000 fans.

hits The sales king of 2022 was the Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny ($373 million). Harry Styles delivered the most successful concert series ($41 million in 9 performances at Madison Square Garden) and with over 420,000 visitors at 5 London concerts, Ed Sheeran was also the biggest fan magnet.

encore. Now Sheeran is already chasing his own world record: The last tour “Divide” between 2017 and 2019 accounted for 250 concerts with 8,880,927 tickets sold and a turnover of 775.6 million dollars. 39 stadium concerts in Oceania and the USA are already scheduled for 2023. In 2024 there should be a Europe encore.

Outlook. For 2023, a new record turnover of 6.78 billion dollars is expected worldwide thanks to stadium tours by Bruce Springsteen, P!nk or Coldplay, among others. Taylor Swift alone is said to bring in a billion.

The most successful tours of 2022

1. Ed Sheeran 3,047,694 visitors
2. Coldplay 2,260,651 visitors
3. Elton John 2,071,661 visitors

Concert sales in Austria

1. Ed Sheeran €9,386,420
2. Rolling Stones €8,966,516
3. Rammstein €6,594,056

Ticket revenue worldwide annually

1. 2022 $6.28 billion
2. 2019 $5.55 billion
3. 2018 $5.51 billion