Ed Sheeran: why he decided to take a break from social media

Published on February 01, 2023 at 22:00

Ed Sheeran: why he decided to take a break from social media

Ed Sheeran: why he decided to take a break from social media – ©Agence / Bestimage

This Tuesday, January 31, Ed Sheeran explained on his Instagram account the reason why he preferred to move away from social networks.

Ed Sheeran is back. After “two years” of break, the singer shared a video on his Instagram account this Tuesday, January 31. The artist explains, facing the camera, the reasons that led her to stay away from the platform. “I realize that I haven’t been as active on my social media or my online fan base in the past two years,” Ed Sheeran told his 42 million followers. Before continuing by whispering: “And the things that have been posted on this account could have become a little boring. And I’m sorry, it’s my fault. “The reason I’m making this video is, to be honest, I’ve been through some turbulent events in my personal life,” he said.

“Things are looking up”

Trials that forced him to no longer communicate with his fans. “I didn’t really want to be online and pretend to be something I wasn’t when I didn’t really feel like it,” he revealed. And I know that might sound weird. The singer, who will begin his American tour next May, however, gave no details on what he went through during this period. But, Ed Sheraan reassured his fans. “I’m making this video to say things are looking up and I’m back online,” he announced before adding that “weird stuff” was now going to be “posted” to his Instagram account. “I’ve made this video 50 times, I won’t make another one,” he joked.

In recent months, the singer has however known happy events like the birth of her second child, a little girl named Jupiter. On his Instagram account, Ed Sheeran posted a snapshot of a pair of white socks on a baby bed with the caption: “I wanted to tell you all that we had another beautiful baby girl. We are both so in love with her, and very happy to be a family of 4.” The artist and his wife Cherry Seaborn were already the proud parents ofa first daughter, Lyra Antartica, born in 2020.

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