Eddy Mitchell married at 19: Françoise Lavit, the first woman in his life

At just 19 years old,Eddy Mitchell married Françoise Lavit on June 17, 1961. First love of the singer – real name Claude Moine – he also enjoyed success the same year with his group Les Chaussettes Noires before starting a solo career the following year. Mother of her children Eddy, born in 1962, and Marilyne, born in 1965, Françoise rarely saw her husband, who was very busy with the stage and musical tours. After eight years of love, the couple who lived in the Paris region in the 93 in Noisy-le-Sec separated on October 16, 1979. Very discreet, the first wife of Eddy Mitchell never wanted to be in the light and did not expose herself during the official outings of her husband, preferring to remain anonymous.

Interviewed by the Sunday newspaperthe performer of the title Rock Around The Clock confided to being very close to his eldest son Eddy and explained: “I always dreamed of there being an Eddy in the family. So, when my eldest was born, I took advantage of it. This artist name was my childhood dream when I discovered Eddie Constantine. Eddy, it comes from him: a debatable actor, but what a singer!”. According to the singer, his son Eddy has a personality that looks a lot like him. “He has a very specific character, not so far from mine: he doesn’t do as he pleases“.

Present with his father during this interview, Eddy Moine had also revealed some secrets of his childhood: “To be called Eddy being the son ofEddy Mitchell has not always been easy to wear. At school, you had to go between the drops to make friends… Then things got back to normal. My dad always protected us from the tabloid press“.

After this union, Eddy Mitchell got married to Muriel Bailleul on May 24, 1980 after only seven months of romance. Together, they had a daughter, Pamela, born in 1982, whose friend Johnny Hallyday was the godfather. Even if I never ask her for advice on my career choices, Muriel, my second wife, inspired me with one of my rare love songs, The Elephant Graveyardhe had explained to our colleagues from Sunday newspaper.

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