Eddy Mitchell missing his “half-brother” Johnny Hallyday, new tribute

Between Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell, it was much more than just a story of friendship. The two singers have always been there for each other, in good and bad times. Eddy Mitchell even shared the last scenes of Johnny Hallyday during the last tour of the Vieilles Canailles in which Jacques Dutronc had also taken part. Their ties so strong, Eddy Mitchell cannot forget them. This is one of the reasons why he dedicated the title to Johnny Hallyday A little bit of lovefrom his latest album Country Rock released last November and which he came to promote in Daily this Tuesday, June 14.

Before the show started, Eddy Mitchell had made a special request to Yann Barthès: to review photos of him and Johnny Hallyday. A request honored which did not leave the singer unmoved. Seeing the images scroll by, Eddy Mitchell naturally evoked the very special ties that united him to Johnny: “He was more than a friend. He was a half-brother. Yes, that’s it. A half-brother, yeah.

Dedicating one of the songs (A little bit of love, editor’s note) from his new opus was, beyond logic, a way for him to pay tribute to Johnny Hallyday and to recall that despite the absence, the rocker had never been so present in people’s minds. Notably thanks to the love that the public and those close to him were able to give him: “It’s his story a bit. Not a little, it’s his story. This is also the relationship we had together. (…) He needed it (of love, editor’s note)a lot, he had a little bit” he concluded, smiling mischievously.

This Wednesday, June 15, Johnny Hallyday would have celebrated his 79th birthday. A special day for Laeticia Hallyday, the last woman in her life, and her daughter Joy, whose tributes on Instagram were not long in coming.

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