Eddy shares a photo of his impressive weight loss

Candidate of the sixth season of the show “Married at first sight”, Eddy shared on Instagram a photo of his impressive weight loss, which made people react.

“It’s time for me to tell you about who I was, and who I am today…”, he wrote in the caption of a before / after montage, where we can see the man who he was in 2016, and who he has become.

“I was very different physically and mentally”

“A few years ago, I was very different physically and mentally”, continued the young northerner, before announcing that he had lost 22 kilos “thanks to mental and sport”.

“I fought in life for many things. And this is one of them… (…) This is what makes me a proud and strong man!”, he said again.

He also took advantage of this publication to justify his stress on the day of the wedding ceremony, just before his meeting with Jennifer, in Gibraltar.

“You think it’s probably the fear of judgement, of the gaze of others … well not at all, it’s simply because I rely heavily on this experience”.

Many Internet users reacted to his incredible physical transformation. “Congratulations to you, you can be proud”, “A beautiful life lesson”, “This is to your credit”, “Congratulations”, can we read in particular in the comments.

Source- https://www.cnews.fr/people/2022-05-06/maries-au-premier-regard-eddy-partage-une-photo-de-son-impressionnante-perte-de