Edith Cresson victim of “permanent criticism”: her advice to the future Prime Minister

While Emmanuel Macron would like, it seems, to appoint a woman to the post of Prime Minister, Edith Cresson, the only woman to have held this position, looks back on her experience.

Edith Cresson is here only woman to have served as Prime Minister in France. She had been appointed by François Mitterrand and had held these positions between May 1991 and April 1992. An experience to which she returned in the columns of the Sunday newspaper. Before becoming head of government, Edith Cresson had several times held ministerial posts, including that of Agriculture. But it was very different from being at the head of the government. “Beyond a few anecdotal remarks, (…) everything went well”, she assures. And to add: “At Matignon, on the other hand, everything has changed.”

Edith Cresson indicates that she suffered many attacks : “They lent me words that I had never said, I was constantly being criticizedwe were commenting on my dress…” lists the politician. While rumors say that Emmanuel Macron would like to see a woman at the head of his government, Edith Cresson indicates: “I won’t give him any advice.” And to conclude: “I just tell him it will take a lot of courage.”

The political class was tough on Edith Cresson, as was the media

A year ago, on the airwaves of Europe 1, the former Prime Minister had announced the Sexism of which she had been the victim when she had reached this position: “As soon as I tried to do something, it was immediately criticized froma filthy way, she remembered. If the political class had not been kind to her, the media had also been harsh. And to take for example the program Le Bébête Show: “They represented me as a lascivious panther dragging itself at the feet of Mitterrand who kicked him to get rid of it.

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Source- https://www.gala.fr/l_actu/news_de_stars/edith-cresson-victime-de-critiques-permanentes-son-conseil-a-la-future-premiere-ministre_493802