Eduardo Capetillo surprises next to his son, they are like two drops of water

Eduardo Capetillo surprises next to his son, they are like two drops of water and practically gives him the little kick of luck in his professional career, because Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán will debut as an actor alongside his father in the Netflix series “Where There Was Fire”a story in which Itatí Cantoral will also participate.

For a long time, the son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytan He had given something to talk about because of the great resemblance to his father. With 27-year-old Eduardo Capetillo Gaytan has made his father’s followers sigh, who see him as that young singer who entered Timbiriche in the place that Benny Ibarra had left and that later made a successful solo career as a singer and actor.

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Yes indeed, the son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán He has already won his own followers who do not stop flattering his bearing and talent, because although physically he is very similar to the protagonist of “Reach for a star”has also boasted a close relationship with his mother, demonstrating the great values ​​with which he was educated.

Eduardo Capetillo surprises next to his son, they are like two drops of water.  Special

Eduardo Capetillo and his son fell in love with their demeanor.

It was a few hours ago when Biby Gaytán shared with great pride an image of her “two kings”, Eduardo Capetillo and his son, Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán in interviews to promote the series with Netflix where her husband returns to acting and her son starts his career.

Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán, the eldest son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán He has a lot in common with his father, he enjoys music, singing and extreme sports, he even loves riding a motorcycle like the beloved singer.

Eduardo Capetillo, his return to the small screen

After several years dedicated to family businesses and other projects, Eduardo Capetillo returns to the screen this 2022 with Netflix in a series that promises great emotions. From the hand of the great Itatí Cantoral, his co-star and who also participated with Biby Gaytán in the great success “Dos Mujeres, un camino”, Capetillo will star in the story that aims to pay tribute to Mexican firefighters.

“Where There Was Fire” is a story created by José Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela, creator of “Who Killed Sara” and will have 39 chapters that will premiere simultaneously on next August 17. Eduardo Capetillo Gaytán will play the young version of the character played by his father and who will seek to prove his innocence after being accused of a crime he did not commit.

For many, the digital platform would be an ideal place for Biby Gaytán to also return to acting after finally not participating in the “Overcome the absence” project due to differences with the team, but for now nothing is certain and the followers of the famous couple are already waiting for the premiere of this series and other projects where the eldest son of Biby Gaytan and Eduardo Capetillo show your talent alone.

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