Eduardo Pisani: this election for which the singer of “I love you on Monday” is a candidate for the 16th time!

The singer of “I love you Monday” in the 90s, Eduardo Pisani was a candidate for the 16th time at the French Academy. His goal: to beat the record of Emile Zola, 25 times unsuccessful candidate.

After having known its hour of glory with its tube “I love you Monday”in 1995the ex-singer of variety and now poet, Eduardo Pisani, was relapsed into complete anonymity. To be in the spotlight again, the 68-year-old Neapolitan has only one idea in mind: to become “immortal” by joining the seats of the prestigious French Academy. Obstinate, Eduardo Pisani announced, Friday, May 6, on Twitter, to be candidate for the 16th time for the chair of Jean-Loup Dabadie (died May 2020). The election – in which Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Olivier Barrot, Emmanuel Cruvelier and Julien Kilanga are also candidates – will take place on Thursday 12 May.

In November 2021, during his 15th attempt to join the French Academy, the Italian artist clearly explained his ambitions to the magazine Point. “I don’t make myself no illusions about my chances of success. But my project is not so much to join the Immortals under the Cupola as to try to break the record of Émile Zola, who competed 25 times without ever being electedhe asserted.

A vote in January 2020

The idea would have been suggested to him by a poet friend, himself a candidate on several occasions. Eduardo Pisani would then have found the idea amusing and submitted his first application in 2016. Since then, he has systematically applied when a place becomes available. And surprise in January 2020, during his 10th attempt, the poet, who had so far received no votes, collects the vote of an academician. The Neapolitan had notably published, in 2010, an autobiography, Particular sign: Edouardoin which he recounted his depression and back problems which severely handicapped him. He then created a poetry blog in 2015, Les Poèmes tout nus. Failing to join the Immortals, Eduardo Pisani hopes one day to make his big comeback in music. He thus confided to the Point having found his pianist after the first confinement and having recorded a demo.

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