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Mexican actor Eduardo Santamarina ruled on recent rumors that he would be seeking to annul the religious marriage with Itatí Cantoral to marry his current partner, Mayrín Villanueva, with whom he has a 13-year relationship.

“No, we haven’t thought about that, but come on, I already got married once in church, so, It is not something that should be annulled, in short, it is a whole process, on my side, the truth is that no, I do not consider it “, Santamarina said after being approached by press teams.

At the same time, Mayrín Villanueva He also expressed his opinion on the matter and said that although their relationship is going well, so far they have not seen it necessary to go to the altar.

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“No, the truth is that no, that is, if I dressed in white with her (her daughter) on her belly, very pretty, and it is not something that I personally have (in mind), we had not even thought about it or talked about it. , or anything, it is not in any of our plans “, he clarified.

For its part, Itatí Cantoral She was also asked about the possibility of canceling the religious wedding with the father of her two children, and indicated that she would think about it if the Mexican actor asked her.

“I don’t think so, we haven’t touched on that topic. Since I have already been divorced, I have no idea, no suitor, or anything to marry in the Church with another person. We have not spoken about that issue again, if he asked me, well, yes, I would think about it “, he said.


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