Eduardo Umanzor addresses anxiety and hope in his new song

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The singer-songwriter from San Pedro Eduardo Umanzor premiered the official video of his song “Don’t worry”, a theme where he addresses issues such as anxiety and depression.

“’Don’t worry’ is a song that I first started writing inspired by a very complicated situation that a dear friend was going through with her newborn son, who spent several months accompanying him every day in intensive care. a public hospital, at that time she lived with me and sometimes I went with her to the hospital; there I could see firsthand the anguish of a worried, confused mother; in addition to the difficulties of many people who go through public hospitals in Honduras, “says the artist about the creation of the song.

“Don’t worry, no, don’t worry, whatever happens, will happen tomorrow, another day will be, no, don’t worry, the wounds will mark, but you will learn from this”, prays the chorus of the song in which Eduardo expresses his traditional sound and that unmistakable guitar.

“After a while of having the chorus and main idea, I decided to finish writing the song; when I finished it, I realized that I had also written it for myself, remembering my own worries, my episodes with anxiety crises, panic attacks and everything I learned about myself in that process of knowing how to deal with it”, reveals the sampedrano. He in turn adds: “There are many people who go through episodes of anxiety, depression and we don’t talk about it.”

Beyond being a topic where mental health is addressed, “No te worries” is a song of hope where you are invited to never give up.

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about the video

The video clip for “Don’t worry” was directed by the photographer and videographer Obed Nolasco, also known as “El Garrobo”. This is the first time that the two artists from Sampedrano collaborate together.

The El Garrobo Productions studio in San Pedro Sula was the place where the entire production was done in a single day, during an eight-hour shift with a team of six people, including the singer, who also actively participated in the production and the concept of it.

Eduardo says: “After taking the promotional photos with Obed and his team, I realized that I felt too comfortable doing this part of my job, which is not necessarily what I enjoy the most; taking photos, posing for cameras and having to act in some way was never my thing, I’m in it for the music but I understand that it’s an important part of what I do.

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“It was for this reason that I asked Obed if he was interested in us making the video clip so that I could finish telling what he wanted to say through ‘Don’t worry‘. I literally sent him two visual references of what I wanted to show, Obed sent me another reference and asked me to get some led lights and a white blanket so he could create that color environment that you see in the whole video and the next week we were shooting ”, explains the interpreter.

“I am very satisfied with the result of this work because literally everything we did, with our own hands. It is an example of how you do not need a lot of resources or unlimited money to do something good or artistic, but you need to put creativity and a good attitude into practice, this is the work of the true artist”, says Umanzor.

The artist from San Pedro comments that the clip would not have been possible without the direction of Obed Nolasco and the help of the team made up of Grace Nolasco, Juan Fernando Rodríguez, Silvia Castellanos and Dani Castro.

The recording and musical production of “No Te Concernes” took place at Multiverse Studio in San Pedro Sula, again with Juan Pablo Ordóñez (producer) as well as David Díaz del Valle (drums) and Jorge Paz Jr. (guitar), who They are members of Eduardo Umanzor’s band and collaborators for some years.

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In addition to being focused on creating new music, the artist has been performing live.