Eduin Caz as Banda Cuisillos wearing his marked paintings

Once again Eduin Caz grabs headlines after appearing in a wardrobe that caught everyone’s attention. Along with Grupo Firme, he made an impact on stage with really striking outfits.

The risky style of the band singer has been exposed on several occasions and this time was no exception. In his participation in the Coachella event in Indio, California he made a big stir and they even confused him with the Cuisillos Band.

Eduin Caz on this occasion she modeled an open, ripped suit, with chains and studs, showing his worked abdomen and the squares that remain as a resulthence his fans appreciate his muscles.

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The famous businessman gave a very special touch to the fantastic look with a red bandana on his head and with his classic dark glasses that have characterized him for some time, it is an accessory that he always carries with him.

Eduin Caz as Banda Cuisillos wearing his marked paintings. Photo: IG firm group

The reactions to seeing him with this daring outfit They were unleashed immediately and his faithful followers sent him very positive comments, it is clear that they like the daring and exotic style that the owner of the hit ‘Ya supérame’ possesses.

On the other hand, his detractors were present and criticized his way of being so extravagant. Although he is one of the most loved artists on the internet, he also has quite a few detractors who watch every detail in his posts and wait for any moment to attack.

Eduin Caz as Banda Cuisillos wearing his marked paintings. Photo: IG firm group

Let’s remember that to attend the Coachella event you need an attitude and an exaggerated and very striking outfit, so Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme did the same to attract the attention of all attendees and cause a stir with the images and videos that were saved for the history.

surely to exponent of Regional Mexican he is not in the least interested in what they will say and when they told him that he looked like those of the Cuisillos Band began to make the sounds that characterize the successful band.

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What is a fact is that Eduin Caz and the entire Firme Group enjoyed the first invitation they were given to this important celebration that brings together millions of people and artists of international stature.

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