Eduin Caz calls Hoy’s host “donkey” in the middle of an interview and goes viral

Once again, a host of the Televisa morning show Hoy returned to the center of attention on social networks after starring in an uncomfortable moment during an interview with Grupo Firme.

“You’re not even going to get married, donkey!” This was the response that Eduin Caz offered to Andrea Escalona during said interview, which went viral on social networks and generated great controversy on the part of netizens, who criticized the reaction of the famous when making fun of the driver Andrea Escalona.

The awkward moment occurred when the driver asked Jhonny Caz, Eduin’s brother, to show her the engagement ring she had received from her boyfriend Jonathan Bencomo.

Andrea joined her hands with those of Jhonny Caz so that the ring passed from one hand to another at a game moment in which, by doing this ritual, she would also get them to propose to her, but this caused laughter from Eduin Caz and he told him: “ You’re not even going to get married, donkey!”

The video of the interview instantly went viral on social networks, which caused the laughter of most of his followers, a moment that Andrea took it as a joke.