Eduin Caz could lose the name of Grupo Firme for this reason

In recent years, Firm Group has managed to establish itself as one of the most popular groups of Mexican regional music, because despite being a relatively young group, it has been able to win the hearts of millions of people who do not miss the opportunity to sing each of their songs every time they play. they have the opportunity.

However, the members of the group could be in serious trouble, since it seems that they would be facing legal problems that could endanger name and brand of the musical project that began Eduin Caz along with Christian Téllez, Joaquín Ruiz, Dylan Camacho, Jhonny Caz, AB Luna and Fito Rubio.

It seems that the young singer from Sinaloa could be betrayed by one of his relatives, who supposedly is trying to take over the group name without your consentsince on more than one occasion it has tried to register Grupo Firme with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

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According to information released by ‘First Hand’, the group from Tijuana could lose everything thanks to Isael Gutierrezmanager of the group and executive director of Music VIP, because he is trying to seize the name of the band.

According to the documents that were presented in the program, the first registration attempt dates back to 2019, when the brother of Eduin Caz’s partner, Evert Gutiérrez, tried to register him with a legal representative, but the request was not accepted by the IMPI because a document was not delivered that proved that he was the owner of Grupo Firme.

However, the attempts did not end there, since they again sent an application to register the name last February 2, 2022, but this time in the name of the legal representative of Isael Gutiérrez, who apparently has not given up his goal of being the full owner of Grupo Firme.

To explain this situation a little more, Gustavo Adolfo Infante invited ‘The Vultures of Sinaloa’ to talk about the experience they had to live in the hands of the Gutiérrez brothers, with whom they worked for more than eight years, but who ended up betraying them by registering their name without their permission.

“In 2019 we realized that they (Isael and Evert) had the name registry, that it was done without our consent and illegally obviously, because of what they denied when claiming it, that it was theirs, and it was a three-year ordeal, until now, that we can finally say that the name of Los Buitres de Sinaloa is ours again, “clarified one of the members of the group.

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As if that were not enough, they pointed out that their legal defense realized that the brothers they are using the same ‘modus operandi’ that they used with them to take away their name, so they advised Eduin Caz to be very careful with the two of them.

“Our lawyers realized that these people are using the same ‘crooked’ path to try to do it, and the proof is that It’s already been twice that they try to register the brandand it is not possible, it is something very ugly, imagine that he arrives and tells you, Gustavo, everything you have achieved, your career is not yours, it is mine, that is how they did it to us, “they explained.

Until now, none of the members of Grupo Firme has spoken in this regard, since they are in the middle of their vacations, but it is expected that as soon as they return to the stage they will make their position known about this situation.

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