Eduin Caz explains why he did not want to be the father of a girl

Eduin Caz, He is a renowned singer from Sinaloa who has managed to capture the attention of the public internationally thanks to his talent and charming personality that he has shown every time he has the opportunity, which has led him to have great popularity in Latin America, especially in Mexico. .

Despite the fact that the interpreter of ‘I no longer return with you’ tries not to star in any scandal and controversy, he is always under the spotlight due to his great fame and once again caused a stir with one of his recent publications, where he confessed that he had no plans to have a daughter, leaving more than one of his admirers shocked by the reason.

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As everyone knows, the leader and vocalist of Firm Groupis a man who is quite attached to his family and on more than one occasion has revealed that his wife Daisy Anahy and two children, Gerardo and Geraldine, are a fundamental part of his life, but recently he shocked his fans by revealing that he did not want to have a girl.

It was through his personal account on the Instagram social network, where the 27-year-old young man from Sinaloa shared a couple of photos in which he appeared with his almost two-year-old little daughter, in which he showed himself very affectionate and happy. next to his princess, who stole the eyes of the more than 6 million admirers of his famous father.

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In the description of his publication, Eduin Cazares explained the reason for his strong statement, where he wrote: “I didn’t want a girl because I knew it would drive me crazy”, which caused tenderness among his fans.

As expected, the wife of the popular artist was quick to respond and assured that little Geraldine bosses him around at will: “What beauties. She does what she wants, that crazy woman ”, and the vocalist of the Tijuana group replied that unfortunately yes.

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